BM is an Italian company
with high experience in tools
construction and in molding
thermoplastic materials, with
affiliates in Poland, Mexico and China.

Group main activities are:
  • Development of new materials and technologies for injection molding
  • Mechanical design of thermoplastic components
  • Design and construction of tools for injection molding
  • Production through injection molding with presses in a range between 85 and 1500 t.
  • Finishing, painting assembly and logistical support

A reality with a strong international identity, dedicated to the development and to the engineering of plastic products in sectors like automotive, design and medical. With a team of specialists and with the help of innovative tools, BME is able to manage each phase of the process: ideation, simulation, test and launch of the product.

Environmentally friendly

BM Italy, through photovoltaic and the optimization of its own production resources, is able to guarantee a sustainable development.