Information note as required by legislative decree 196/2003, Section 13
As required by legislative decree 196/2003, Section 13, regarding the regulation of personal data protection INDUSTRIA BERGAMASCA MOBILI S.P.A. in its capacity as data controller, informs that the acquired personal data, with reference to the set up business relationship , will be treated in accordance with the above mentioned regulation; with regards to the above mentioned treatments provides also the following information.

The personal data collected and treated are essentially personal details (company name, location, phone and fax numbers, e-mail address, …), tax details (bank, finance, accounting and tax details, …), business details (orders, solvency, …) INDUSTRIA BERGAMASCA MOBILI S.P.A. does not own any data that regards you, qualifiable as sensitive data, as required by Section 4 paragraph 1 of legislative decree 196/2003.

These data could have been communicated by you or could have been collected from autonomous third parties, which are data controllers, (for example in our network of agents and representative for data that concern contracts and orders or by business information companies or registers, lists or public databases for data that regard finance solvency).

Your personal data will be treated with respect to contract requirements and to the following fulfilments of legal and tax obligation, as well as to enable an effective management of financial and business relationships and/ or to answer to your specific requirements. The data will be processed during the entire length of the contract relationship, and also subsequently, for the accomplishment of legal obligation and for administration and business purposes.

Data processing will be carried out by the use of paper and electronic tools and in accordance with the legal regulations set up in order to grant security and confidentiality, as well as exactness, updating and relevance of data, with regard to the declared purposes. Data will be entered in the relevant databases, which will be accessible - and therefore known - by operators designated by the writer as commissioned to process personal data. These operators will be able to carry out consultancy, use, elaboration, comparison operations and any other, also automatised, necessary operation. The data assignment and the relative processing are compulsory, with respect to purposes that regard the contract and legal fulfilments and with respect to purposes that refer to the accomplishment of all the activities of the writer that are necessary and functional to the fulfilment of the contract and legal obligations. It follows that the possible refusal to provide data for the mentioned purposes could lead the writer to be unable to establish the mentioned contract relationships and to carry out the legal obligations.

Your data could be communicated to other parties that belong to the below mentioned categories:

- internal operators of our company committed to process your data;
- to parties who are our consultants, in the limits necessary for them to carry out their assignment in our company, upon our formal assignment that obliges them to process your data considering confidentiality and security;
- other companies that belong to the BM Plastic Group, located also in foreign countries (e.g. Poland, Mexico);
- transportation agency and shipping companies, as regards aspects connected with goods shipment and customs proceedings;
- banks for the managing of cashings and payments;
- finance administrations and other companies or government offices that fulfil normative obligations;
- companies and legal offices for the protection of contract rights
- agents, representatives, sales agents working for the writer.

Your data will not be disclosed, meaning that we will not let indeterminate parties know your personal data, in any way, we will not let them dispose or consult the data.

With reference to the above mentioned processings one will be able to exercise the rights as shown in legislative decree 196/2003, Section 7, according to the standards and terms required by Sections 8, 9 and 10 of the above mentioned legislative decree. Regarding the exercising of your rights you can contact the data controller INDUSTRIA BERGAMASCA MOBILI S.P.A. as its pro-tempore legal representative, having his legal address in our company location in Via Kennedy 28, Bagnatica (BERGAMO), Italy.

The data controller is INDUSTRIA BERGAMASCA MOBILI S.P.A., located in Via Kennedy 28, Bagnatica (BERGAMO), Italy.

The present notice does not exclude that other information could be given to the interested parties orally, when collecting the data. As required by legislative decree 196/2003, Section 24, the approval for the processing for the above mentioned data is not necessary as they are collected to fulfil obligations derived by contracts signed with you or to fulfil legal obligations.

(Data Controller)

Legislative decree 196/2003
Exercise of access right

Section 7 Right of access to personal data and other rights

1. The person concerned has the right to obtain confirmation of the existence of personal data and information regarding him/her – even though not recorded yet – and their disclosure under an intelligible form.

2. The person concerned is entitled to be informed of:
a) the origin of personal data and information;
b) data processing purposes and ways;
c) the logic followed in the event of data processing being carried out with electronic tools;
d) the details to identify the owner, the persons in charge and the representative appointed under article 5, paragraph 2;
e) the people or groups of people to whom personal data and information can be disclosed or who may come to know them in their capacity as representative appointed in the State territory or persons in charge.

3. The person concerned has the right to obtain:
a) updating, correction or – where interested in this process – supplementation of data;
b) cancellation, turning into anonymous data or the block of data processed by infringing the law, including data and information which need not be kept in relation to the purposes for which data and information were collected or subsequently processed;
c) a certificate stating that the operations under sub-paragraphs a) and b) - including their content – have been communicated to those to whom data and information were provided or disclosed, except the case when this proves to be impossible or entails the use of such an amount of means which is overtly non commensurate with the right which is protected.

4. The person concerned has to right to wholly or partially refuse:
a) processing of personal data and information regarding him/her for legitimate reasons, even though they are relevant to the aim of collection;
b) processing of personal data regarding him/her for the purposes of sending advertising material, direct sale or performance of market studies or commercial communications.

Section 9 Mechanisms to Exercise Rights
1. The request addressed to the data controller or processor may also be conveyed by means of a registered letter, facsimile or e-mail. The Garante may specify other suitable arrangements with regard to new technological solutions. If the request is related to exercise of the rights referred to in Section 7, paragraphs (1) and (2), it may also be made verbally; in this case, it will be written down in summary fashion by either a person in charge of the processing or the data processor.
2. The data subject may grant, in writing, power of attorney or representation to natural persons, bodies, associations or organisations in connection with exercise of the rights as per Section 7. The data subject may also be assisted by a person of his/her choice.
3. The rights as per Section 7, where related to the personal data concerning a deceased, may be exercised by any entity that is interested therein or else acts to protect a data subject or for family related reasons deserving protection.
4. The data subject’s identity shall be verified on the basis of suitable information, also by means of available records or documents or by producing or attaching a copy of an identity document. The person acting on instructions from the data subject must produce or attach a copy of either the proxy or the letter of attorney, which shall have been undersigned by the data subject in the presence of a person in charge of the processing or else shall bear the data subject's signature and be produced jointly with a copy of an ID document from the data subject, which shall not have to be certified true pursuant to law. If the data subject is a legal person, a body or association, the relevant request shall be made by the natural person that is legally authorized thereto based on the relevant regulations or articles of association.
5. The request referred to in Section 7, paragraph (1) and (2) may be worded freely without any constraints and may be renewed at intervals of not less than ninety days, unless there are well-grounded reasons.