Giuseppe Barcella founded “Mobili Barcella”, a company specialized in wooden furniture.


Mobili Barcella specializes in the production of wooden cabinets for industrial radios.


BM was founded to support “Mobili Barcella” in the production of wooden cabinet for TV and loudspeakers.


BM starts the production of thermoplastic goods through injection molding. In the picture, the first OLIVETTI typing machine completely produced with semi expanded plastic.


BM develops the back-pression technology for injection molding.


BM begins to produce TV cabinet through the gas-assisted technology.


BM opens a new production plant in Poland (BM Polska).


BM opens a new production plant in Mexico (BM Mexico).


BM signs a collaboration agreement with “Pastore di Amazonia” (Brazil).


BM opens a new technical office (BM Technologies) in the USA (El Paso).


BM opens an office in China (BM China) for the management and the acquisition of molding tools from the local suppliers’ network.


BM doubles BM Mexico, through the opening of a new production plant dedicated to the high aesthetic value products.


BM equips its own presses with the innovative technology of the RHCM (Rapid Heat Cycle Molding).


BM begins to work in the automotive lighting sector thanks to its high know-how in product with high aesthetic value.


BM begins to work with one of the biggest automotive manufacturers in the world.


BM reinforces its engineering department and creates "BM Entwicklung" (BME)



Giuseppe Barcella founded "Mobili Barcella" in the late '50s, a company specialized in the production of wooden furniture for the radio industry. In the first '60s BM started to produce thermoplastic components and, at the end of '90s BM become a global supplier opening of production plant in Poland and Mexico. The wood division was closed in 2000 and from this moment BM is completly involved to plastic injection moulding. Innovative technologies are begin to use, both in moulding process (for example with the RHCM technology) that in the automation of production lines. In 2011 BM enters the automotive sector, which now covers 50% of turnover.


The goal of BM is to provide and develop the entire supply chain of the product, with experience and dedication, offering the best cooperation for the design of new product and processes according to the customer's needs. The research of new materials and molding technologies allow BM to remains competitive, offering to the customer new opportunities of development. The worldwide presence of BM guarantees the ooportunity to buy low cost tools and to produce in low labor-cost areas.